Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Spencer Jack Won't Be Taking His Selfie Stick To Disneyland

A couple days ago I read that a theme park had banned selfie sticks. I don't remember which theme park, whether it was the Six Flags theme parks or Disney theme parks, or maybe it was all theme parks, world-wide.

What I do know is that I did not know what a selfie stick was or why they would be banned.

And now this morning, what do I find in my incoming email? Multiple photos of Spencer Jack taking selflie pics with the help of a selfie stick with the email's subject line being "Spencer's Selfie Stick".

I don't get the whole take a selfie thing. They are like some sort of virus epidemic on Facebook. And elsewhere.

But, now that I have seen a selfie stick I can see why a theme park would not want them in the park. Someone could get hurt with these sticks.

Or weaponize them, with a group armed with selfie sticks getting in a sword-like fight with another group armed with selfie sticks.

Or maybe sneak the selfie stick onto a roller coaster, thinking this would be a great place to take a selfie, with the attempt going all sorts of sideways, with the phone flying off and hitting someone and the stick flying at high speed to the ground where it stabs an innocent bystander.

Anyway, below is one of the selfies Spencer Jack took with his stick...

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