Monday, July 6, 2015

Sound Transit $15 Billion Project Not Happening In Tarrant County Where The Poor Have Cars

Continuing on with our popular series of things we read in west coast online newspapers that one would never read in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, that which you see here is from the Seattle Times.

An article titled Sound Transit planning heats up for light-rail expansion and public vote.

Can you imagine reading in the Star-Telegram a headline like "TRWD Planning for $1 Billion Trinity Uptown Vision Project & Public Vote"?

Read the Sound Transit planning heats up for light-rail expansion and public vote article. Make note of how detailed the article is. Make note that the article mentions project timelines. Make note that the article details the issues being faced by Sound Transit prior to putting the $15 Billion project to a public vote. Make note how big the project is, covering three counties, each of which is way bigger than Tarrant County.

In Tarrant County there is no comprehensive public transit covering the entire, small, heavily populated county. Only Fort Worth has any form of public transit, that being a fleet of little buses which run on limited routes and a train which travels to Dallas and back several times a day.

A few days ago Elsie Hotpepper sent me that which you see below, which succinctly sums up how the developed. progressive parts of America and the world view public transportation.

Meanwhile, in Tarrant County, apparently, or so I have been told, most of the locals think only poor people use public transit....

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