Saturday, July 18, 2015

My Location In Texas Has Finally Become A HOT 100

The temperature has hit 100 at my location for the first time this year. My phone made its incoming text message noise. After I read the message I checked the temperature to learn it is HOT.

My computer based temperature monitoring device is also being heated to 100.

With the phone I did something I did not know I could do until I did it. As in I emailed myself what I was seeing on the phone, which is that which you see here.

Elsie Hotpepper and Spencer Jack's dad email what appear to me to be screen caps from their phones. Often embarrassing dialogues on Facebook. I figured this must be an i-Phone thing not able to be done on my Korean phone.

As I so often do, I figured wrong.

With the outer world being so HOT I would have thought my air conditioner would be running more frequently than it is to cool down my inner world. I guess it has been so long since it has been HOT that I forget how often the A/C works to keep things cool.

I must go find ice now, and some water to drown the ice in....

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