Thursday, July 30, 2015

My Last HOT Neighborhood Bike Ride Til The Air Cools

With the outer world temperature a degree or two under 100 it seemed like an excellent idea to take my handlebars on a roll around the neighborhood.


I sort of got a bit overheated by the 4th or 5th mile.

As you can see, the heat does not stop golfers from golfing.

Are Texas golf carts air-conditioned? Texas mountain bikes are not air-conditioned.

In summers previous I have had myself a mighty fine time riding my bike when the temperature is in the century zone.

But, that wheel rolling took place on mountain bike trails. Mostly shaded, concrete-free, mountain bike trails. For the most part I don't get under much shade when I bike tour the neighborhood. And concrete and asphalt radiate heat, unlike the non-radiating dirt mountain bike trails.

So, why am I not rolling my motorized mechanical motion device to a mountain bike location? Well, last I checked the Gateway Park trails have yet to recover from the recent  flooding. The River Legacy Park trails are back to normal, I think, but those trails are not as enjoyable as Gateway Parks'.

Just got email from TXU telling me to turn down my A/C this afternoon due to today's HEAT, so as not to cause rolling brownouts. The A/C just cycled on. It is set to cool  to 85.

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