Monday, July 6, 2015

Hood County Issues Cowboy's Wedding License After Federal Lawsuit Filed

A couple weeks ago one would not thought possible we'd be seeing in Texas that which we've been seeing.

SCOTUS makes a ruling and pretty much universally, across America, the new law of the land prevails, causing rapid change, sort of like a revolution.

Except for a few holdouts here and there, like a county or two in Texas. And I think now, even those holdout county clerks are either doing their job or have resigned.

The Attorney General of Texas, currently in serious legal trouble which could send him to a life sentence in the slammer, made a fool of himself over religious rights or some such nonsense pertaining to county clerks doing there job.

One of the county clerk overbearing religious types was in Hood County. Name K.D. Lang. Or maybe Katie Lang. Ms. Lang managed to embarrass Hood County, Texas and much of America with her bone-headed statements regarding doing her job and the SCOTUS ruling.

I do not know if Ms. Lang decided to do her job without further nonsense, or if she resigned, or if she was fired.

What I do know is last week the pair of cowboys you see above, Jim Cato and Joe Stapleton, left Brokeback Mountain to ride into Granbury to get themselves hitched, only to find Ms. Lang refusing to issue the pair a license to marry.

The cowboys then filed a federal lawsuit against Hood County, with the result being Hood County then issued the license they sought.

I do not know if the wedding has already taken place, or if it will take place at a future date with a big shindig on the Hood County Courthouse Square.

Granbury puts on some of the best festivals I have ever seen. Like Granbury's 4th of July Parade and General Granbury's Birthday.

I assume that the General's birthday party still takes place. I had a mighty fine time my one and only time going to the General's birthday party....

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