Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Cowtown's Bluster & Blather Makes Some Ill While I Am Annoyed At Non-Presidential Bushes

I decided to take my handlebars on a roll around the neighborhood today. Upon doing so I soon came upon the obstruction you see here, obstructing the already narrow sidewalk.

My opinion about this Fort Worth obstruction will likely be a bit negative. So, be warned.

I am saying this because earlier today I had a reason to look at a blog post from way back in 2012, seeking a bit of info for another blogging which will likely show up tomorrow, and is very amusing, at least to me.

So, in that blogging from way back in 2012 someone calling him or herself Anonymous Someone had this to say....

Just goes to show that opinions vary. Ranked lists of this and that aren't all that important, and your perennial negativity toward Fort Worth has become rather annoying. And I don't even live in Fort Worth or care dearly about it...sigh...

My perennial negativity toward Fort Worth? I don't know how anyone could think such a thing. And if one found such a thing annoying why would someone continue to read it?

Back to the sidewalk.

My handlebars are looking west, on the north side of Boca Raton Boulevard, across from Albertsons. On the other side of the row of sidewalk obstructing bushes is my neighborhood Chesapeake Energy gas pad site.

Years ago Chesapeake planted those bushes to try to pretty up the mess they'd made. And now the bushes have grown out of control.

Continuing west on Boca Raton I come to multiple obstructions due to brush growing over the sidewalk. Last week I stopped to break off some mesquite branches with thorns which were presenting a hazard.

Now, why in the world would a world class city which is the envy of other cities, far and wide, causing multiple spasms of green with envy syndrome, not have a street crew of some sort whose job it is to make sure Fort Worth's  few sidewalks are free of dangerous obstructions?

Very perplexing.

This just in, a blog comment on my most recent blogging from someone else named Anonymous with perfect timing, with this Anonymous person totally getting what it is that causes me to seem to some to be perennially negative about Fort Worth...

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Texas Is A Large State With Deserts Pine Forests Houston And The Rio Grande": 

The Fort Worth Business Press pulp fiction writers and Dud Kennedy should edit the Texas Google page to portray Cowtown in a better light.

Fort Worth will outwit, outplay and outlast you!

Fort Worth's bold moves and relentless success takes it to the next level! 

TCU slapping their name on the Osteopathic Medical school is a game changing bold move according to the lap dogs at the FW Biz Press.

The Cowtown Way's bluster and blather makes me ill. 

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