Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Tropical Storm Bill Visiting Miss Puerto Rico's Babies Thinking About Sending A Postcard From Hawaii

This afternoon I got a catcall from Miss Puerto Rico's babies, Stella and Bella, telling me I should come over for a visit so I could take a picture from Miss Puerto Rico's high rise balcony of the remnants of Tropical Storm Bill while Bill slowly makes his exit from North Texas.

Rain has ceased dripping, for now. I've not heard any thunder booms. I am assuming the worst of this latest Texas weather calamity is over.

When I entered their abode, Stella and Bella were lounging in their sun room. The babies no longer run away from me and hide. The girls are not yet one year old but they are BIG. Stella started out as the runt, but she is now bordering on being chubby.

I forgot to mention, in the view above you are looking north, Dallas is to the right, beautiful downtown Fort Worth is to the left.

Changing the subject from Bill and babies to something else.

Yesterday I said something along the line that I wondered if Spencer Jack would be sending his great-grandparental units in Arizona a postcard from Hawaii.

That generated an amusing comment from someone calling him or herself Anonymous....

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Talking To My Mom While Staying Dry Waiting For Tropical Storm Bill":

I'm not sure Spencer Jack knows what a postcard is or how they are suppose to work. Is that an app on his IPod? This blogger is sure dating himself.

Well, let's Google "Honolulu Postcards" and see if such a thing still exists in this century....

Hundreds upon hundreds of Hawaii themed postcards are available to be sent to great-grandparental units who are not connected to the Internet or an iPod, but who do have a mailbox.

Let me see if I can remember when last I opened my mailbox to find a postcard.

I remember, it was a couple years ago, I got several postcards from Alaska, sent by Spencer Jack and his dad's, former aunts. Spencer Jack and his dad's replacement aunts frequently travel in their RV. I am sure they send postcards whilst they are roadtripping.

Now that you are making me think about it I can not remember the last time I mailed a postcard to anyone.

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