Friday, June 5, 2015

Til Today I Did Not Know The Mary Kelleher Story Included A Dog Swallowing Sinkhole

The longest blogging post in blogging history may have been published today by Mary Kelleher in a blogging titled My Story.

I thought I knew the whole story as to why Mary Kelleher became a local activist taking on local corruption and The Fort Worth Way.

I thought wrong. I only knew a fraction of the full Mary Kelleher story.

I sure did not know a gas driller caused sinkhole had swallowed up Mary's pet doggy.

Some edited blurbs from My Story, which ends with another part of the Mary Kelleher story I did not know...

"In 2003, I purchased a 6 acre tract of land in Fort Worth, Texas.  The property had a couple of small barns, electricity, and water well.  It was the best tasting water ever."

And then the Chesapeake Energy scoundrels enter the story...

"I was a little apprehensive about the drilling next door but it really wasn’t that bad.  It was noisy and there were a lot of lights and trucks but at night, the drilling tower reminded me of the Eiffel Tower and I couldn’t wait for my gas royalty checks!"

And after the drillers moved into Mary's neighborhood what happened to that good tasting water?

"In 2007, my dream home was finally built.  I was so excited! The new refrigerator with water and ice dispenser was connected to my awesome water well. Soon, my house reeked of rotten eggs. The water tasted horrible.  The water foamed white when it first came out of the tap.  The water left a lingering slimy feel and a black, oily substance at the faucets. It still does.  I put a filter on the refrigerator.  It didn’t help.  I ended up disconnecting the water from the refrigerator.  I had no idea what could have happened to my water.  I couldn’t drink it anymore because of the taste and consistency but I still use it to cook, shower, wash clothes, etc."

Well, now, this bad water part of the Mary Kelleher Story, I had no clue about. No wonder after getting no help from any of the governmental entities one would thing would help with such things Mary found herself motivated to get on the Tarrant Regional  Water Board.

Fat lot of good that has done.

So far.

Mary Kelleher needs a couple more actual public servants to join her serving on the TRWD Board...

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