Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Supreme Court Has Brought About An Unexpected Texas Wedding Boom

A week ago if I saw that which you see here in the Seattle Times I would have screen capped it and added it to my list of bloggings about things I see in west coast newspapers that I would never see in a Texas newspaper.

But, starting yesterday, items like you see here, from the Dallas Morning News, are showing up in newspapers all over Texas.

Yesterday morning, June 26, 2015, 82 year old George Harris and 85 year old Jack Evans became the first same sex pair to get themselves legally hitched in Dallas County.

Meanwhile, yesterday a Fort Worth policewoman became the first to get married to her now former girlfriend in Tarrant County.

On Friday same sex couples were showing  up in large numbers at county courthouses across Texas. It is sort of amazing how a ruling by SCOTUS could have such an immediate impact.

What's next on this common sense train America seems to be on? Universal decriminalization of marijuana? Amnesty for those in prison for some marijuana crime? Actual Universal Health Care like other advanced nations have?

And what's next for Texas?

Does Texas have any sort of recall the governor type deal to be used when the people realize they have elected a clueless moron?


MLK said...

I've give anything to be a divorce lawyer. Amazing new market just opened up.

Anonymous said...

But a bigger market just disappeared - no longer do gay and lesbian couples need to hire lawyers to draft documents to protect themselves, their children or their assets. Poof! Just like that, a whole panoply of rights accrue with one act, marriage.