Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Dallas Conspiracy Behind Removing A Grassy Knoll Sign From Dealey Plaza

I saw that which you see here several days ago, on Facebook.

Apparently the City of Dallas wants a JFK conspiracy theorist to remove that Grassy Knoll sign.

I am assuming that by now this tacky sign has been removed.

It's been over 50 years since that unfortunate assassination in Dallas day.

Every time I have been to Dealey Plaza I have seen the X painted on the road, marking the spot where the first bullet struck.

The city erases the X, it reappears. I assume this has been going on for decades.

The X marking the spot also strikes me as tacky.

But, not as tacky as what I saw in Dealey Plaza the first two times I visited that location, way back late in the previous century.

At that point in time one could buy a ticket to ride in a limousine which mirrored the one JFK was killed in. The first time I saw this, coming around the corner from Elm to Houston or Houston to Elm, whichever it is, I was appalled to see it and hear the soundtrack, with gunshots firing right when the limousine passed the X which marked the spot.

The second time I saw this limousine, months later, it was parked above the Grassy Knoll, awaiting some Assassination Re-Creaters to fork over the fee to have that one of a kind experience.

On subsequent Dealey Plaza visits that limousine was nowhere to be seen. I assume the city shut that tacky operation down.

With that Grassy Knoll sign sitting on the Grassy Knoll, I am wondering if there is a Triple Underpass sign somewhere near the Triple Underpass, which you see in the background, behind the Grassy Knoll.

Changing the subject, slightly, on my mom and dad's first visit to visit me in Texas I took them to Dealey Plaza and the 6th Floor Book Depository Museum. Mom and dad rushed through the museum, not seeming very interested in any of it, which surprised me, because it is a very compelling experience, done very well.

Upon leaving I resignedly asked if they found that experience at all interesting, to which my mom said, "we lived through all that so we really don't need to see something like that."

I was a bit appalled.

So, walking back to my vehicle I continued being a tourist guide trooper, telling mom and dad we were walking through Dealey Plaza.

What is Dealey Plaza? I was asked.

Where the assassination took place, I replied.

Over there is the infamous Grassy Knoll, I then pointed out.

What is the Grassy Knoll? I was asked.

Where some think a shooter shot from, I replied.

And there's the famous triple overpass.

Triple overpass? What's that?

It was frustrating. They lived through it, so a museum was of no interest.

A few minutes later, though, mom and dad were having themselves a mighty fine time in the Dallas Farmers Market....


Steve A said...

Did you see the Dallas Observer story on Dealey Plaza?

Durango said...

Steve A, the only thing I have seen of late about Dealey Plaza is the Grassy Knoll thing. I must go look at the Dallas Observer now.