Monday, June 15, 2015

Spencer Jack Surfing The Waikiki Waves In Honolulu

Incoming photo documentation has documented that it was not to Alaska Spencer Jack flew his dad.

As you can see, Spencer Jack is surfing Waikiki.

Text accompanying the photo....


Spencer Jack and I are not exploring the last frontier, but rather boogied over to the 50th state for this week. 

Picture taken this afternoon on Oahu's famous Waikiki Beach.   

Interesting footnote is that the sand on Waikiki Beach was hauled in via barge from the 31st state.

Plan on summiting Diamond Head, pictured in the background one of these mornings.

Wish you were here!

I wish I was there too.

The reference to "not exploring the last frontier" refers to an exchange this morning on Facebook....

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  • Jason Jones Yes, FUD. Spencer Jack did leave the contiguous US to explore wildlife, volcanoes and much more! Will send additional photo documentation of our trip.
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  • Durango Jones So, I guess that means, if you are still on American territory, that you boys are in Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico. I think I will go with the Hawaii guess.
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So, I guessed correctly.

I wonder if Honolulu has Rockin' the Pacific Happy Hour Inner Tube Floats in the pristine waters surrounding Oahu?

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