Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Spencer Jack Is On A Hoodsport Quest To Find His Former Aunts

Yesterday Spencer Jack and his dad emailed me from Ocean Shores, that being a Washington tourist zone on the Pacific coast, where Spencer Jack had his first video documented driving lesson on the Ocean Shores beach.

Years ago in my antique 1965 Fastback Mustang I got stuck driving on that beach whilst trying to cross a creek. It was after dark. I probably should not have been beach driving.

I digress.

Back to the present moment.

A few minutes ago fresh incoming from Spencer Jack and his dad. They have now left the coast and are on the west side of Hood Canal.

The message accompanying four pictures....


Nephew Spencer Jack in Hoodsport trying to locate his aging former aunts who unfriended him. We looked for them at the tavern, the liquor store and the library. Locals who know the pair well said we just missed them at two of the mentioned places.


For reasons fathomable to no one,  two of Spencer Jack's aunts unfriended him and his dad on Facebook. Now, that pair long ago unfriended me for reasons also unfathomable. Suffice to say Spencer Jack's former aunts have what are known as issues.

So, that first picture at the top has Spencer Jack at the entry to Hoodsport, looking for his former aunts. Currently those aunts are living in a cabin a few miles to the west, at the eastern edge of Olympic National Park, at Lake Cushman.

Apparently the next stop on Spencer Jack and his dad's quest took them to the Hoodsport Library. I think the boys must have known this would be a very unlikely location to find the former aunts.

Then it was on to Hoodsport's liquor store. The last time I was at Hoodsport Washington still had state run liquor stores. Now it appears someone named Laurie runs the town's liquor store. Or one of them. I have not been back to Washington since whiskey is sold in grocery stores, with the state out of the liquor selling business.

The last time I heard Spencer Jack's former aunts refer to the Hoodsport Liquor Store they called it the Candy Store. I was told we were making a run to the Hoodsport Candy Store. I wondered why til we reached Hoodsport and I learned what type candy they were seeking.

I assume the above is the referenced tavern, with it being one of the two locations, along with Laurie's Liquor Store, where the former aunts had recently been spotted.

Now I am wondering if Spencer Jack and his dad continued their quest to find their former aunts, by heading west up the steep hill that leads to Lake Cushman. It's about 8 miles, if I remember right, from the Hoodsport turn west off Highway 101, to the Cushman Cabin.

If Spencer Jack and his dad venture into Cushman Cabin territory I hope they have their cameras ready to snap the expressions of joy and surprise on their former aunt's wrinkled faces....

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