Saturday, June 6, 2015

Shocked To Learn Mary Kelleher Is A Naive Democrat Not A Fascist Neanderthal

Last night someone I call Anonymous emailed me something I'll call bizarre.

Yesterday, on her blog, Mary Kelleher blogged Her Story.

Last night Mary Kelleher's Story was causing all sorts of discussion at various locations on Facebook, including something called 9/12 Project Fort Worth.

It was part of the 9/12 Project Fort Worth Mary Kelleher Story discussion that Anonymous sent me.

In that discussion we learn that someone naively believes to be untrue the fact that gas fracking has caused a water faucet or two to spout flammable water.

We also learn, from that same someone, the shocking news that Mary Kelleher is not a Fascist Neanderthal, but is actually a Democrat.

Calling someone a Democrat is a rather slanderous thing to do, labeling a person with the same party label as Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Lyndon B. Johnson, John F. Kennedy, Harry Truman, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Grover Cleveland, Andrew Jackson, James Monroe, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson and others.

Now that Mary Kelleher has been exposed as a Democrat, how can she possibly run again? Shouldn't she just resign in shame?

This same someone who outed Mary Kelleher as  a card carrying Democrat, also pointed out that she is relatively delusional and extremely poorly informed.

How can someone be relatively delusional? Does delusional  come in degrees? Partly delusional? Completely delusional?

When I read someone write something like this, saying someone is delusional and poorly informed, I always figure that person saying such a thing has had those words directed at themselves many a time, particularly when the person is seeming delusional and ill informed at the same time the person is saying such about someone else.

I knew little about the 9/12 group, other than it is held at about the same level of regard as the Tea Party, by those who are not delusional and who are well informed.

Googling 9/12 I quickly learned that this is a Glenn Beck creation.

I know of Glenn Beck. The town from which I moved to Texas, Mount Vernon, Washington, was Glenn Beck's hometown til he moved a few miles north, to Bellingham, during his high school years. I did not know of Glenn Beck when we shared the same town.

However, years later, long after I had moved to Texas, after Glenn Beck had become controversial and a bit of a national embarrassment, I recollect a bit of a scandal erupting in Mount Vernon when the Republican Mayor of Mount Vernon wanted to give Glenn Beck the Key to the City, or some such thing. An uproar ensued. The offer was withdrawn.

After that, if my memory is serving me correctly, Bellingham then offered Glenn Beck some sort of honor. I don't remember if that resulted in another uproar.

Eventually Glenn Beck moved to where his type is more accepted.


Westlake, Texas, to be precise, that being a D/FW Metroplex town on the west end of Lake Grapevine.

I have met Mary Kelleher, Mary Kelleher is a friend of mine. Mary Kelleher is not naive or ill informed.

And being a Democrat is a good thing for a public servant to be, in many people's opinion....

UPDATE: I neglected to mention that the 9/12 Fort Worth group has been very helpful to Mary Kelleher and her efforts to bring truth, justice and the American way to the Tarrant Regional Water District Board. The 9/12 Fort Worth group also awarded Mary Kelleher a Badge of Honor after she got censured by the corrupt TRWD Board.

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Kelleher - same Party as Jim Lane...