Thursday, June 11, 2015

No Cop Is Safe From The Attack Of The 14 Year Old McKinney Black Bikini Girl

Elsie Hotpepper sent me this a few minutes ago. I thought it was funny.

But also thought that those to whom it is directed won't get that it is they who are being made fun of.

I am talking about those who have been apologists for the bad behavior of the bad McKinney cop who has now resigned in disgrace.

People who claimed, based on nothing seen in the infamous video, that the black kids were disrespectful.

That the black kids were not listening to the bad cop's erratic demands and commands.

That the girl the bad cop attacked was being mouthy, thus the only way to shut her up was for the bad cop to tackle her, force her face down on the ground and then jam his knee into her back.

While taking time out to un-holster his gun and wave it menacingly.

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Steve A said...

Not to mention breaking away from another cop that tried to restrain him. Meanwhile, in Ferndale, a drugged-up motorist ran off the road and killed two pedestrians on a sidewalk. How many of these pedestrians have to die before they are banned from near any road?