Wednesday, June 10, 2015

McKinney Black & White Teen's Response To Racism Gives Hope For A Better Tomorrow In America

That which you see here I saw this morning on Facebook, a quartet of McKinney teens holding up protest signs.

The teenager holding the "MY SKIN COLOR IS NOT A CRIME" sign appears to have brown colored skin.

The teenagers holding up the "WHITE SILENCE / WHITE CONSENT", "NO JUSTICE NO PEACE NO RACIST POLICE" & "PROTECT OUR YOUTH" signs appear to have light colored skin.

In the last 24 hours I've received a couple messages mirroring the sentiment expressed in the caption below the protesters, that being the only good news about the McKinney debacle is the white kids' response to racism.....

Too many people are morons. When teens are making more sense than adults, there is a problem.


The only good thing I can see that has come out of the McKinney debacle is it seems most of the young people get it, get what was wrong about this incident, are not at all racist, don't care about the color of someone's skin. If everyone could be so enlightened this would be a much better world.

During the course of the McKinney debacle I have been appalled, over and over again, at what I hear people saying or what they write in posts on social media.

Over and over and over again I have heard and read that those black kids were disrespectful, didn't listen, were mouthing off.

Yet, when I watch the infamous video that set off this International embarrassment, I see no black kids being disrespectful, or mouthing off. I see several kids who appear to be frightened. And with good reason, as they were terrorized by the disgraced, now resigned, out of control cop.

The out of control cop was both yelling at kids to sit their asses down, and to leave the area. I would imagine it was very confusing for those teenagers to have an adult in uniform acting so nuts.

Further appalling is the people who verbalize support for the cop, who think that the situation warranted his over the top madman overreaction. These types come across as so sure of themselves, they further denigrate black teenagers, claiming black kids don't get taught to respect authority. These blanket statements come across, to me, as extremely racist and extremely wrong.

Where I live I see a lot of black kids, teenage and younger. In all the years I have been in Texas I have not experienced any black kid being anything but well behaved and polite.

Just today I was in ALDI where a black mom was scolding her kids, I think there were five of them, all appearing to be pre-teen. The kids were having fun looking at a toy ALDI had for sale. The mom apologized to me, saying something like "sorry my kids are blocking the way and making so much noise." To which I said something like "They aren't blocking my way. I think they're being darn cute. Do you want mom to get you kids one of those?" I asked the kids. Which got a universal "YES!" The mom laughed and said something like "you kids don't need anymore toys."

All in all a perfectly pleasant experience for all involved. Now, imagine if it had been that psychotic racist McKinney cop in ALDI with those kids having fun. Likely it would not have been a pleasant experience for all involved.

It really is not all that difficult to be nice to all the humans one encounters during ones day....

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