Tuesday, June 23, 2015

I Want A Donald Trump Plus A Couple Bush Piñatas To Smack

I saw that which you see here this morning on Facebook via both Miss Julie and Elsie Hotpepper.

The Miss Julie version seemed to indicate that the source was Mother Jones (no relation).

After Donald Trump's embarrassing longest I'm running for President speech in history, with his idiotic insults to our Mexican neighbors, on both sides of the border, I read that a Mexican piñata maker made a piñata of Donald Trump, with the piñata having an appropriately big mouth under Trump's patented mysterious hair style.

The above was the first look I got of the actual piñata, with the big mouth and unfortunate coif.

It  concerns me that America might be so foolish as to somehow elect Trump. Such an outcome does not seem remotely possible.

But, I thought the same thing prior to the 2000 election, that that which ended up being the result could not possibly happen.

And yet George W. Bush got elected.


And is now poised to eventually replace James Buchanan as the Worst President ever by those who rank such things.

Another president from Texas, Lyndon Baines Johnson, has had a Harry S Truman type post-presidency rise in the estimation of those who rank the presidents. In one or two surveys LBJ has joined Truman as one of the Top Ten Presidents. In one survey LBJ was tied with Ronald Reagan at #11.

I think it is likely pretty much universally agreed that there is no chance George W. Bush is going to experience an LBJ/Truman type rise in esteem as the years pass.

Unless somehow Iraq and Afghanistan miraculously morph into peaceful, economically booming, democractic examples of a better way for the other troubled countries in that region.

Fat chance in hell of that happening.

More mortifying, to me, than the idea of Trump somehow managing to get elected is the idea that George W's little brother, Jeb, could possibly be a third Bush president.

Were either to happen, Trump or Bush, methinks I will be making plans to seek refuge in Mexico. Or Canada. Likely my choice would be Mexico. I've always liked Mexico and Mexicans.

Canada and Canadians, not so much. That ending every sentence with "eh" really wears on my nerves.....

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