Monday, June 15, 2015

Has Spencer Jack Flown His Dad North To Alaska?

When I woke up my computer this morning I found fresh incoming from a couple of my favorite nephews, Jason and Spencer Jack.

In addition to the picture you see here there was one line of text in the email...

Spencer and I may be sending you pictures this week once we arrive at our summer vacation destination.

I have no clue where the boys are flying this time.

Over Spring Break they went to Las Vegas. A short time before that they went to Disneyland, so I think we can eliminate both those destinations. Then again, both of those destinations are favorites of Jason and Spencer Jack.

Maybe they are heading to Arizona to visit Spencer Jack's grandpa, grandma, great grandpa, great grandma, aunt, uncle and my other favorite nephews.

It appears, looking at the picture, that Spencer Jack is at the Alaskan Airlines terminal at Sea-Tac. Maybe they are escaping the HOT Washington weather by heading north to Alaska.

I suspect incoming email will soon resolve this mystery.

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