Monday, June 1, 2015

Dallas & Fort Worth's Dueling Photo Propagandists & Other Nonsense

I saw that which you see here this morning on Facebook. At first glance I thought Fort Worth's most renowned photographer had ventured east to aim his special brand of photo propaganda at Dallas.

Then on second thought I realized this photo looked too realistic, with the colors not exaggerated and saturated enough to be the work of Fort Worth's renowned photo propagandist.

Upon reading the text I learned that this Dallas photo was taken by an ex-Grateful Dead roadie named Warren Harris.

I do not know if Warren Harris has been hired to be the photographer for the Dallas version of the Trinity River Vision.

Fort Worth's renowned photo propagandist and the Fort Worth Trinity River Central City Panther Island Vision Boondoggle are a perfect fit, both so artfully able to exaggerate reality creating false impressions, which bear no relation to what most people's eyes see.

Signatures bridges, Panther Island where there is no island, 90+ user requested amenities, biggest urban water development project in North America, best urban waterfront music venue in Texas, world's premiere urban wakeboard park (currently badly flood damaged) and other exaggerated propaganda I am not remembering right now.

Speaking of the flood damaged Cowtown Wakepark. And who isn't? Who was the genius who thought it a good idea to invest in a pond a few feet from a river which is prone to serious flooding when Mother Nature decides to deliver a lot of water?

A couple months ago I blogged about a wakeboard lake in Phuket, Thailand, in a blogging titled Phuket's Anthem Is No Trinity River Vision Boondoggle Cowtown Wakepark.

Whoever was behind the Phuket River Vision had the vision to have the Anthem Lake not adjacent to a flooding river, or, I assume, accessible by an incoming tsunami.

I suspect no local Thai congresswoman's son was in charge of how Phuket's Anthem wakeboard lake came to be....

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