Sunday, June 14, 2015

Another Bike Ride With The Village Creek Indian Ghosts With No Fox, Skunk Or Raccoon Reacting With Fear

Seems like I just visited them, but, even so, this Flag Day Sunday seemed like a good day to visit the Indian Ghosts who haunt Arlington's Village Creek Natural Historical Area.

Standing water in various locations and dirt that was dry a couple days ago had been turned back to mud, sticking to my bike tires, indicating, it would seem, that some precipitation precipitated overnight, which I was unaware of.

Though, now that you are making me think about it, there was some puddling by the pool this morning which should have clued me to the fact that some drippage had occurred.

A few drops dripped on me whilst I was rolling my wheels. It felt good.

Today I was stopped at a spot I don't usually stop by a walker wanting to ask me a question I did not have an answer to.  After being useless to the question asker I reached for my water bottle and looked up at a sign I've passed dozens upon dozens of times over the years, but had never bothered to read.

That is the sign you see my handlebars pointing to.

Below is a closer look at the sign.

Of the critters on the sign that we are told it is in their nature to react with fear if we meet while I am here, the only critters  on the sign which I have met in the Village Creek zone are the rabbit, the armadillo, the snake, the squirrel and the bee.

I have never seen a fox, a skunk or a raccoon in the Village Creek zone. I have seen a lot of turtles, very skittish turtles reacting irrationally in fear. And possums, lots of possums.

I think the sign needs a critter update....


Anonymous said...

I've thought of a good place for you to take your handlebars for a Sunday ride. You could bike around the modern roundabout being built near the intersection of Henderson & White Settlement Road. There are no workers there on weekends as far as I can tell from the TRV Progress in Motion camera. People everywhere could watch you if you went at a prearranged time that we all know about. High noon sounds like a good time to me.

This comment is for entertainment purposes only and I am neither advocating nor encouraging any illegal activity in any way whatsoever so help me God.

Durango said...

Anonymous, is the site surrounded by fencing with keep out signs? Does the fencing look easy to circumvent, easy like the ease of getting past the keep out signs and fencing that surrounds the embarrassing Heritage Park eyesore in downtown Fort Worth across from the courthouse? I think a Sunday exploration of that area is very doable. I wonder if the area is haunted by the ghosts of those whose land was stolen via The Boondoggle's eminent domain abuse?