Monday, June 8, 2015

A Green Roll Around My Neighborhood With Leaf Blowers Disturbing The Peace

Today I decided it was sufficiently hot to roll my handlebars around my neighborhood golf course, the Woodhaven Country Club.

As you can see, the golf course is lushly green, benefit of the deluges of May which ended the multi-year Texas drought.

It does not look too big in the photo, but in the middle of the picture there is a big sprinkler irrigating the golf course which only last week had been thoroughly irrigated by Mother Nature.

Now that the drought is over is the TRWD's demented Lawn Whisperer campaign going to be put to rest? Have water restrictions been lifted?

Changing the subject from the Lawn Whisperer to the Lawn Noisemaker.

Right now I can hear landscapers using gas-powered leaf blowers to blow leaves and make an incredible amount of noise. Thrice whilst pedaling today I came upon landscapers making a racket with gas-powered  leaf blowers.

Air polluting, peace and quiet disturbing gas-powered leaf blowers have long been banned in more civilized parts of America. Just like wind chimes. Well, the wind chimes are not banned, but not to be used closer than 300 feet from a neighbor.

However, gas-powered leaf blowers, those have long been banned in most locations on the west coast.

I think they need to be banned in Texas.

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