Friday, May 22, 2015

Washington Is In Drought Mode With Fort Worth Catching More Rain Than Seattle

Lately, a time or two, I have blogged about something I saw on a west coast newspaper and opine that that was something I would never read in the Star-Telegram about something happening in Texas.

Well, this morning the opposite sort of happened, that being that which you see here from the Star-Telegram, a headline telling us that in Fort Worth rain is falling this year, not Seattle.

Which is true. Pretty much all of Washington and much of the west coast is suffering a severe drought.

I think I lost my train of thought.

Continuing on anyway, disregarding a lost train.

I've have explained to locals a time or two, regarding Seattle's reputation for getting alot of rain, that the actual annual total of rain falling on Seattle and rain falling on the D/FW zone are almost the same.

The difference is the way the rain falls.

In Western Washington you can get day after day after day after day of a slow rain, taking a long time to amount to an inch. While at my location in Texas an inch can pour down in a couple minutes.

I never experienced a Texas style downpour during all my years in Washington.

I remember a couple months after my Texas exile began I was driving from Keller back to my then abode in Haslet when I suddenly found myself in a Texas downpour. I slowed to a crawl, could barely see the road, did not know what to do. The concept of a flash flood had not been explained to me, as that type thing relates to Texas, at that point in time.

I don't recollect flash floods of the sort that happen here being an issue in Washington. Landslides, yes, but water rising rapidly like what happens here, no.

Anyway, about a minute ago the rain started coming down again. So far it is a slow motion Washington type rain. But, I heard a bit ago that a lot of rain is expected to pour down over the next couple days. I suspect some heavy duty downpours will soon be pouring down.

I wonder if anyone down at that Creationism Museum by Glen Rose is working on building an Ark yet?

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