Thursday, May 14, 2015

Texas Governor Greg Abbott Increases High School Graduation Rate To 100%

I saw that which you see here, this morning, on Facebook, and found it to be amusing.

The brilliant  new governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, signed into law something called SB 835.

This new law exempts thousands of Texas high school seniors from needing to pass graduation exams before being allowed to graduate, thus solving the chronic Texas low high school graduation rate problem.

Greg Abbott seems to be on a fast track to making an even bigger impression on the rest of America than his two predecessors, Perry and Bush.

Will this new law cause the upcoming Jade Helm 15 takeover of Texas to now be expanded to taking over Texas high schools?

The first event I went to after my arrival in Texas was Fort Worth's Main Street Arts Festival. I had never been to anything where you had to convert your American currency into coupons in order to buy something like a hot dog. Or turkey leg.

At the time I thought American currency was legal tender for any monetary transaction.

The State Fair of Texas was the next event I attended where I had to get in a line to buy coupons before I could get in another line to buy deep fried butter.

After several more events where I could not use money, directly, to buy something I figured this was some sort of universal Texas practice.

And then I went Canton First Mondays Trade Days to find myself surprised that I could use regular money to buy a smoked turkey leg.

At some point during my period of puzzlement about what seemed to me to be a bizarre practice, after opining that I thought it bizarre, a Texan told me the reason American currency is not used directly at a lot of events in Texas.

The low high school graduation rate.

Many of the kids hired to sell the hotdogs and turkey legs don't have the math ability to make change.

But, they can count coupons.

Somehow I don't think Greg Abbott's SB 835 improvement to the Texas high school graduation rate is going to end the need to get in line to exchange American currency for coupons at next year's Main Street Arts Festival...

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