Thursday, May 28, 2015

Texas Flooding Turns Dallas Into Port City Directly Connected To The Gulf Of Mexico

I saw that which you see here a few minutes ago on Facebook.

In the midst of the ongoing storms we do not yet know the total cost in lives lost and property damage.

It is not easy to make lemonade out of a sour lemon like the current flood state in Texas.


The Dallas zone has long wanted to be a port city. There have been more than one goofy attempt to turn the Trinity River into a shipping canal connecting the D/FW Metroplex to the Gulf of Mexico.

And now, according to this map, Mother Nature has opted to turn Dallas and Fort Worth into port towns with direct access to the Gulf.

This should please a lot of people, like chronic cruiser, Gar the Texan.

Soon, Gar should be able to sail directly out of Dallas, rather than making the long tedious drive to Galveston to get aboard a cruise ship every couple months....

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