Sunday, May 3, 2015

Saw No Snakes Rolling With The Indian Ghosts Before Voting For Leonard & Lane Tomorrow

I took my handlebars to Arlington today to roll my wheels with the Indian Ghosts who haunt the Village Creek Natural Historical Area.

That would make it the Village Creek, formerly blue, Bayou that my handlebars are looking at.

Years ago, early this century, or maybe late in the previous century, when I first saw this location the overlook was made of wood, the bayou was a big open pond.

It was in that big open pond that I saw my first collection of water moccasins slithering in Texas water. I asked a couple guys what they were looking at, they told me water moccasins. I had no way to know if they knew what they were talking about.

The snakes I saw slithering that day may have been simple ordinary harmless water snakes of some sort. But, seeing those snakes that day and being told they were water moccasins, well, it made me very wary of Texas water, a wariness that has expanded since from just a simple snake fear.

There were a lot of people at Village Creek enjoying this balmy Sunday in Texas. Mostly walkers, some dog walkers, a few bikers, one skateboarder.

One pair of the walkers appeared to be a bit elderly. I thought to myself that I hoped I was still out and about on a Sunny Sunday if I get to be that elderly.

That then had me thinking about Fort Worth's Mayor, Betsy Price. I may not like the bad political behavior of Betsy Price, but I do like how she is a big advocate of bike riding. I hope if I get to be as old as Betsy Price I am still riding a bike.

Yesterday I was on the Tandy Hills at the same time I was riding with the Indian Ghosts today. On the Tandy Hills I only saw one other person.

On all sides of the Tandy Hills, except the north side, the Tandy Hills are adjacent to residences. There are no walking distance residences near the Village Creek Natural Historical Area parking lot.

So, why are the Tandy Hills so lonely, most of the time? The Village Creek Natural Historical Area is in Arlington. The Tandy Hills Natural Area is in Fort Worth. Do Fort Worth people just not like their natural areas as much as Arlington people like their natural areas?

Arlington does seem a bit more sports minded than Fort Worth, what with having an NFL team and a MLB team playing in town, while I don't think Fort Worth has any professional sports teams calling the town home, not even an extremely minor league baseball team calls Fort Worth home anymore.

Is Fort Worth the biggest city in America without any major league team of any sport calling the town home?

Anyway, I had myself a mighty fine time rolling my wheels today, except for the fact that everywhere I drive I see the landscape littered with election signs. I'm so confused now by all the signs and mailers in my mail when I go to vote tomorrow I likely will be only voting for two candidates on the ballot.

Marty Leonard and Jim Lane.

Because I have a flawless record of never voting for anyone who wins, except for the last TRWD Board Election when I voted for Mary Kelleher and she won with the most votes in TRWD election history.

Maybe I should re-think who I am voting for and vote for Craig Bickley and Michele Von Luckner and hope that a miracle strikes twice.....

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