Saturday, May 2, 2015

Puzzled By Tandy Hills Prairie Fest Art Before Getting Sesame Oiled At Town Talk

One week after the 2015 Prairie Fest I was back on the Tandy Hills for a pre-Town Talk hill hike.

I intended to park at my regular summit of Mount Tandy location under the Fort Worth Space Needle.

However, since my last visit to this location multiple "NO TRESPASSING VIOLATORS PROSECUTED" signs have been added.

I was in no mood for a possible confrontation with a member of the Fort Worth Gestapo, what with a large number of such ensconced a short distance away in the former NBC broadcast building, so I drove on to the View Street entry to the Tandy Hills, which also is the location of the Prairie Fest.

Some interesting pieces of Prairie Fest art remain on the prairie, like that which you see here.

I pondered the above piece of art after I finished pondering the piece of prairie art below.

My guess is the above is titled "Bird's Nest". Built for a really big bird. The color in the nest comes from string of various sizes and color.

Continuing past the first artwork installations I came to what appeared to be a new trail, heading west. I followed that trail and eventually came to another possible art installation, installed to cause us to ponder the sad fate of Fort Worth's large population of homeless people.

I walked into the Homeless People Prairie Fest art installation til I got a closeup view.

As you can see the Homeless Camp is quite a mess. To the left of what you see here was a black tarp stretched between tree limbs, clothes hanging off branches and other stuff.

After a couple miles of hiking it was time to exit the Tandy Hills. On the way back to my vehicle I came upon the latest Tandy Hills Outdoor Learning Center, which is what you are looking at below.

This is the area of the latest brush bashing, an ongoing project which removes non-native, non-prairie vegetation from the Tandy Hills.

And then installs natural benches where un-natural vegetation once grew.

The Town Talk Treasure Hunt went well today. Four loaves of Ezekiel bread, sausage, English sharp cheddar, corn tortillas, carrots, kale, tomatoes on the vine, a couple bags of apples, yogurt, sesame oil and other stuff I am not remembering right now.

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