Friday, May 29, 2015

New Blogger In Town Blogging The Fort Worth Way

There is a new blogger in town, with that town being Fort Worth, with that blogger being Mary Kelleher, with Mary Kelleher being the only representative of The People among the directors on the TRWD Board.

As you can see this new blog is titled The Fort Worth Way.

As you can also see, the first post on The Fort Worth Way is titled Devastated!

A blurb from Devastated!

We lost by 10,000 mail-in votes....smh!  How could it be?  We worked so hard!

Naturally, foul play is suspected but proving foul play is another thing. Maybe there were actually 10,000 people so interested in the TRWD election they took the initiative to request a ballot and mail it in.  

The fact of the matter is we lost and we lost big; but you know what.....we have another shot at it again in 2017, then 2019, then again in 2021.  The TRWD is no longer the best-kept secret in town.

With foul play in the recent election being naturally suspected, I don't understand why an election which seemed so outrageously out of whack with previous TRWD Board elections, with pre election polling which so drastically did not match the results, with something so far out of the norm as 10,000 absentee ballots, that some automatic investigation is not triggered by some sort of election oversight entity.

Then I remember I am in Texas. where often that which makes no sense prevails.

In the two years since Mary Kelleher was elected the public had become aware of TRWD shady deals, loans to bankrupt friends, paying double market  price for contaminated land, an embarrassing boondoggle which is one of the slowest construction projects in history.

Yet somehow in the first election since Mary Kelleher got elected with the highest vote total in TRWD election history, two TRWD incumbents get re-elected with about double the previous record number of votes.

Marty Leonard seems to me to be a nice lady. I would think her conscience would bother her. I would think she must struggle with whether or not she should speak out and blow the whistle on the TRWD's shady shenanigans.

Buck the Fort Worth Way, Marty Leonard.

Expose the truth.

You'll be hailed as heroic.....

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