Friday, May 29, 2015

More Rain Has Fallen On North Texas In 2015 Than The Previous 25 Years?

No one would deny that a lot of rain has fallen on Texas in May, record breaking in some locations.

This morning I looked out my primary viewing portal on the outer world to see that last night's deluge has filled my swimming pool to the brink. I do not recollect that happening before.

This morning I also learned, from two sources, that Mallard Cove Park is now flooded.

And, a short distance east from that location, Mary Kelleher, who has a farm, is under water and in animal evacuation mode.

Meanwhile, also this morning, I finally got around to reading this week's Fort Worth Weekly.

In this week's Fort Worth Weekly's Static column, titled Eminent Dough Rain, I read the following...

Here in Tarrant County, it’s been raining for two months, and lakes are brimming above capacity. North Texas received more rain in the first five months of 2015 than it received in the previous 25 years up to this point. Heck, this area’s 26.55 inches of rain so far in 2015 is almost four times more than we’d received by this time last year.

Has FW Weekly lost an editor, or proof reader, or something?

I figured that by the time the online version was available for reading the Static column would have been edited to no longer  make the ridiculous statement that "North Texas received more rain in the first five months of 2015 than it received in the previous 25 years up to this point."

Nope, I checked the online version to find no editing has taken place to erase that which is ridiculous, as you can see via the screen cap above.

I am available to be a proof reader, if FW Weekly is desperate to find one.

In the meantime, I told Elsie Hotpepper I would be checking in on the flooded Mallard Cove Park later this morning. Elsie suggested I also check in on the Mary's flooded farm situation. I don't know if I can make it that far east on Randol Mill Road, what with there being a couple low, don't cross when flooded spots, between here and there.

On another flooding note, I read this morning that an Arlington teenager drowned in Village Creek yesterday. His kayak tipped over. Why would anyone try and kayak that creek when it is in raging flood mode?

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