Friday, May 8, 2015

Maverick Mary Kelleher In FWBP Article About Vile TRWD News Release Lies

Yesterday I learned of the latest bad behavior of the TRWD desperadoes so desperate to keep control of the TRWD Board in the Star-Telegram, I mean, Star-Telegraph, in a blog post titled Did the TRWD Just Lie to Voters?? Again??

Is that propaganda mouthpiece for the 7th Street Gang, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, telling its readers about the TRWD press release that brought about the latest clash?

Likely not.

Though I have been told that the Star-Telegram's Bud Kennedy mentioned the TRWD news release lie on Facebook.

The Fort Worth Business Press told  its readers about the TRWD's misleading news release in Water board, challengers clash over news release.

Part of the controversy over this TRWD press release is that the Lane and Leonard incumbents are quoted, rendering this news release a piece of unethical campaign propaganda.

When I read the FWBP article I copied three paragraphs which addressed the incumbent quote controversy...

Lorance told Fort Worth Business Press that the decision to quote Lane and Leonard was a matter of convenience.

“As far as Marty and Jim being quoted, Vic (Henderson) and Jack (Stevens) were not available,” Lorance wrote in an email to the Business Press. “In fact, Marty was at the office for a committee meeting when the release was being prepared.”

Maverick board member Mary Kelleher said Lorance did not attempt to contact her.

I know for absolute fact that Mary Kelleher was available to be contacted yesterday. Which renders the TRWD spokesperson's contrary claim one more TRWD lie.

I was going to mention that Mary Kelleher being a Maverick part of the FWBP article, but someone beat me to commenting on that, on Facebook....

The vile TRWD resorts to lies, phony PR releases (quoting only incumbents in the race), sending out taxpayer funded glossy 'reports' (really, campaign brochures) ONLY TO ELIGIBLE VOTERS in the district. Upside: New nickname for Mary Kelleher emerges from this article: "Maverick". You are Maverick, from this point forward, Mary! VOTE Craig Bickley and Michele Von Luckner! You can/should vote for BOTH!
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What I was going to say about referring to Mary Kelleher as a Maverick is that doing so is a rather telling commentary as to what is wrong with the current TRWD Board.

The one person on the board who is an actual public servant, not a crony of the 7th Street Gang, not a member of the Fort Worth oligarchy, is a Maverick in the TRWD herd of five, where four of the five are not public servants, but instead serve moneyed cronies who benefit from having them do the TRWD's business the Fort Worth Way.

If two more actual Public Servant Representatives of the People types join Mary Kelleher on the TRWD Board will Mary Kelleher still need to be a Maverick?

What with the People then having majority control of the board....

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