Wednesday, May 27, 2015

It's Been Raining In Texas Since Blue Bell Closed Because God Is Crying

I saw that which you see here this morning on Facebook.

I thought it to be amusing, for a couple seconds, til I thought about it and then it wasn't so amusing.

But, a lot of people commenting about that which you see here found it amusing.

Deconstructing the humor, which is what one really should always do with humor, the premise of this humor is that the massive deadly Texas flooding has been caused by God crying due to His sadness over Blue Bell closing.

Now, really, would an All Mighty God, full of love for the humans He created, let loose a Biblical flood, drowning only God knows how many people, destroying only God knows how many homes, costing only God knows how much in property damage, just because a Texas ice cream maker had to shut down due to the fact their contaminated ice cream was killing people.

Should not the All Seeing and All Knowing All Mighty have seen the Listeria problem and put a magical stop to it?

Why would He let that Listeria get into Texas ice cream and then get all Cry Baby when a supply of Blue Bell can no longer be supplied to His freezer?

And let's be realistic here, it ain't like there is not other good ice cream available in America.

Has the Brenham home of Blue Bell been in the path of the rampaging floods caused by God's sad tears?

The Wrath of God can be so random and difficult to fathom for us mere mortals....

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