Saturday, May 23, 2015

Is Spencer Jack Lincoln Dressed For Memorial Day?

This morning I found that which you see here in my email.

The only explanation accompanying that which you see here was....

Spencer Jack's politics schooling requires dressing the part. Abe Lincoln, less the beard. Outfit courtesy of your favorite ex sister in-law.

My favorite ex sister in-law is Spencer Jack's grandma Cindy.

I did not know my favorite ex sister in-law could sew.

Let alone re-create clothing from the 1860s.

Is Spencer Jack attired as Abraham Lincoln for some sort of Memorial Day event at school?

Is Spencer Jack going to be reciting Lincoln's most memorable words, the Gettysburg Address, what with the Gettysburg Address being about the best Memorial Day speech ever uttered?

Is Spencer Jack a history aficionado like his favorite great uncle is? I have no idea. I suspect so though, what with Spencer Jack having already developed a love of reading, at his relatively young age.

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