Monday, May 4, 2015

Elsie Hotpepper Sent Me A Big Message From Monty Bennett About Jim Lane's Lies

Earlier this afternoon in a blogging about my dad getting a pacemaker today I said the following....

So, what had been a lemon turned into lemonade and now I now know how to look at those little things Elsie Hotpepper sends to my phone. The most recent instance of that had me pathetically trying to figure out what Elsie sent me by using a magnifying glass, which did not magnify enough to make readable.

I am guessing Elsie Hotpepper read the above, because shortly after I hit the publish button on the blogging, what you see here arrived in my email from Elsie Hotpepper, only this time it was not too small to read, this time it was so BIG it overfilled by big computer screen.

I then shrunk it to the size you see here.

Anyway. if you have not read Monty Bennett's factual response to Jim Lane's despicable slander claiming Monty Bennett was burying World War II veterans on his property to block the TRWD pipeline, well, read it here.

And then go vote for anyone other than Marty Leonard and Jim Lane, preferably voting for Craig Bickley and Michele Von Luckner.

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