Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A Double Dose Of TRWD Boondoggle Propaganda In My Mailbox Today

Earlier today after I was told a Trinity River Vision Boondoggle Spring Update was arriving in voter's mailboxes today, I blogged about the incoming propaganda in Just In Time For The TRWD Board Election America's Biggest Boondoggle Sends Voters An Update.

So, it did not surprise me to open my mailbox this afternoon to find the expected propaganda from America's Biggest Boondoggle.

It also did not surprise me, too much, to find another piece of related junk mail, that being yet one more tacky attack ad full of lies, innuendo and exaggeration from TRWD incumbent's Leonard and Lane.

I tossed the junk mail on the floor and took the photo you see above, with The Boondoggle's self-aggrandizing piece of propaganda puffery, on top, conveniently covering Jim Lane's face, and some of his lies, such as repeating one more time that Monty Bennett moved bodies to his East Texas property to block the TRWD pipeline. This version has the WWII veteran being dug up in Oklahoma.

The hard copy version of The Boondoggle's Spring Update seems pretty much to match the web version, with maybe a little extra propaganda thrown into the hard copy.

I don't remember the web version repeating Boondoggle propaganda from previous "Updates", such as where the hard copy tells us what the Trinity River Vision will do, things like enhancing the river corridor with over 90 user-requested projects on the Trinity River.

That over 90 user-requested projects propaganda has amused me every time I have read it, whether at The Boondoggle's propaganda installation in the East Regional Library, or on The Boondoggle's massive installation of sign propaganda in Gateway Park, or the many times I've read about the over 90 user-requested projects in The Boondoggle's multiple updates.

Who were these users and how did they make these requests?

Has there ever been any other public works project in America which has produced so many updates over so many years with so little accomplished?

Today's mailer from the TRWD incumbent's must have already been in the pipeline, unable to be stopped, what with the previous TRWD incumbent's mailers backfiring on them and causing them to be the widespread object of ridicule for the blatant cheap shots and ham-handed easily countered lies.

Truth has a way of trumping lies, eventually....

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