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The TRWD Incumbent's River Vision Is A Deceitful Foolish Boondoggle But Vote For Them Anyway

A couple hours ago Elsie Hotpepper sent me a link to some letters to the editor in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

I can not share that link because the Star-Telegram insists you be a subscriber to read their secret content. When Elsie Hotpepper wants me to read something in the Star-Telegram she sends me a "magic" link which lets me check out the Star-Telegram without being a subscriber, but if I put that same link in this blogging, it won't work. Which is what makes it an Elsie Hotpepper "magic" link.

Anyway, on to the subject of the "magic" link.

So, I really do sort of find it exhausting processing the thought processes of some people's thinking when it comes to the TRWD board and the upcoming election.

Case in point, letter #1, which I screen capped above, and copy below....

Water board election

The Trinity River project is a deceitful, wasteful boondoggle that will be a disaster if it fails and will enrich the well-connected if it succeeds, while destroying the confluence that led to the founding of Fort Worth.

I wish I could vote against its supporters, Marty Leonard and Jim Lane, in the Tarrant Regional Water Board election.

However, Monty Bennett is a Dallas businessman who, to avoid having a pipeline buried beneath his ranch, would deprive 1.7 million people of access to a vitally needed resource. He’s bankrolling Leonard’s and Lane’s principal opponents.

If they win, a private citizen will have successfully gained control of a unit of government to avoid obeying the same laws as the rest of us. That’s worse than the Trinity Mud Puddle.

I urge voters to hold their noses and vote for Leonard and Lane, even though I think they’ve behaved foolishly. The alternative is unacceptable.

— George Michael Sherry, Fort Worth

Where do I start? First off, are the TRWD propaganda-ists getting more twistedly clever with their propaganda, is that what the above letter is evidence of?

Second off the letter writer makes the case that something is amiss with the water board and verbalizes his wish that he could vote against the pair of TRWD lackeys running for re-election, Jim Lane and Marty Leonard.

And then the letter writer brings up the Dallas businessman bogeyman, Monty Bennett, claiming Bennett is bankrolling the opposition so as to deprive 1.7 million people access to a vital resource, meaning water. And that if Bennett, and his co-conspirators, win, they will have gained control of a unit of government, meaning the TRWD, and thus avoid obeying the same laws as the rest of us.

Avoid obeying the same laws as the rest of us? That does not even remotely make sense. What laws do the rest of us "avoid obeying"?

What law is Monty Bennett avoiding? Monty Bennett lives in this county called the United States of America. That country gives its citizens the right to seek redress in the court system when a citizen feels his rights are being trampled on.

If you own property and if some entity, governmental or non-governmental, tries to take or use your property, you have the right to protect your property by any legal means at your disposal.

Monty Bennett tried to work with the TRWD to find a solution. Monty Bennett suggested alternatives. The TRWD arrogantly turned a deaf ear. The TRWD brought upon itself Monty Bennett deciding to use the courts to protect his property and get a fair hearing of his grievances.

The pipeline the TRWD wants to run across Bennett's ranch connects to a reservoir which I do not believe yet exists. The pipeline/reservoir project is a cooperative enterprise with Dallas as a partner.

Yes, evil Dallas.

Which is another thing that really sickens me with this maddeningly stupid TRWD incumbent propaganda, that being the use of "Dallas" as an identifier as to what type businessman Monty Bennett is.

The fact of the matter is one could just as rightly say a Fort Worth businessman is trying to deprive access to water. Or a Texas businessman. Or an American businessman.  Monty Bennett owns property in Dallas, Fort Worth, east Texas and likely other locations in America, or the world, for all I know.

The letter writer urges voters to hold their noses and vote for Leonard and Lane, even though they have behaved foolishly.

Behaved foolishly? I'd love to have that elaborated on.

The alternative is unacceptable? It is unacceptable to elect ethical, well-educated, well respected candidates who are running on the concept that the TRWD should operate in a transparent manner responsive to the needs of those for whom they serve? And not operate as a secretive, crony club rife with backdoor dealings, nepotism and corruption?

The second letter writer is from a voice of reason, who should have been recently elected to replace Fort Worth's Queen Mother of Nepotism....

The Tarrant Regional Water District has delivered its “annual report,” a slick, taxpayer-funded mailer supporting challenged incumbents. It contains not a word on Panther Island, which consumes most of the district’s attention and resources.

It mentions incumbent Marty Leonard’s bachelor’s degree from Southern Methodist University, and bestows on incumbent Jim Lane the unique title of “secretary pro tem.”

The four status-quo members are nicely flowered. Mary Kelleher, the only director who has challenged the status quo, and who has led the charge to inject ethics and transparency into this organization, is listed simply as “director,” with no educational credentials.

With a master’s in educational psychology and certificates in advanced graduate studies, she is likely the most highly educated board member.

Three challengers – Keith Annis, Craig Bickley and Michele Von Luckner, are vying for Leonard’s and Lane’s seats. We must ensure new blood to clean up this corrupt cesspool. Study up, and vote!

— Mark Greene, Fort Worth

I have not yet received the TRWD annual report to which Mr. Greene refers. Imagine that, the annual report contains not a word about the TRWD's imaginary island. Or the little bridge taking four years to build to connect the imaginary island to the mainland.

Is the Panther Island nonsense the type TRWD foolishness the first letter writer was referring to?

I do not know why Keith Annis joined the challenge to the incumbents, after there were already two strong challengers. Having a third challenger dilutes the opposition vote, making it more likely that the incumbents might win again.

Which would not be a good outcome for the future of Fort Worth, or Fort Worth's water.....

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