Saturday, April 18, 2015

The 2014 TRWD Annual Propaganda Report Does Not Mention America's Biggest Boondoggle

I have been asked more than once if I have received the eagerly anticipated TRWD Tarrant Regional Water District Annual Report, usually timed to arrive a few weeks before an election.

Well, I have yet to receive the eagerly anticipated report, in hard copy form, nor has anyone else I know who lives on the east side of the Berlin Wall, also known as I-35, that being the freeway which divides Fort Worth into West Fort Worth and East Fort Worth.

Methinks the Good Ol' Boy and Girl Network, also known as The 7th Street Gang, which continues to try and run Fort Worth in what is known as the Fort Worth Way, realizes they have lost East Fort Worth and thus are not wasting any of their half million dollar plus war chest on sending any of their propaganda to the opposition side of town.

Or maybe the mail is just late and the eagerly anticipated TRWD Annual Report will soon arrive.

Even though a hard copy has not shown up in my mailbox, I did receive a digital copy, sent from a mole inside the opposition's camp in West Fort Worth.

Reading the digital copy I think I can tell why this propaganda has not yet arrived in the opposition side of town, due to this latest TRWD Annual Report being a bit embarrassing in both its lapses and its claims.

I think the oddest thing I read in the TRWD Annual Report is the claim that due to the TRWD's conservation efforts they have managed to save 31 billion gallons of water.


And how do they manage to measure this water they claim to have saved?

For about a month a massive leak has been spouting from the TRWD's water tank on Bridge Street in the aforementioned East Fort Worth. Does that leaking water get deducted from the amount claimed to have been conserved?

In the ten pages of TRWD Annual Report propaganda there is absolutely no mention made of America's Biggest Boondoggle, a boondoggle for which the TRWD is totally responsible.

There is no mention made of The Boondoggle's three little bridges now, supposedly, under construction, with an absurd four year project construction timeline for three simple little bridges being built over dry land, connecting the mainland to an imaginary island.

There is no mention made of The Boondoggle's latest name for itself.

Panther Island.

I can't imagine why the TRWD Annual Report would not want to make mention of an imaginary island or the bridges being built in slow motion to connect to that imaginary island.

There is no mention made in the TRWD's Annual Report of the huge success of the Rockin' the River Happy Hour Inner Tube Floats in the polluted Trinity River.

Or the multiple beer festivals, with music, taking place at the TRWD's tacky Panther Island Pavilion venue, where there is no island or pavilion, but there are world class outhouses the likes of which likely exist in no other big city in America.

There is no mention made, in the TRWD's Annual Report, of the success of the Coyote Drive-In. That being the world's first drive-in movie theater of the 21st century, brought about by TRWD board incumbent Jim Lane's good-natured finagling which used TRWD funds to rescue a bankrupt friend by paying twice the market value, with TRWD public funds, for the land on which the Coyote Drive-In was built.

There is no mention made in the TRWD Annual Report of their foray into the restaurant business in partnership with Fort Worth celebrity chef, Tim Love.

In the section of the TRWD Annual Report about all the recreational wonders the TRWD has delivered to the people, there is no mention made of the TRWD's Cowtown Wakepark, that being the world's premiere urban wakeboard park, according to delusional propaganda spewed by The Boondoggle's #1 spewer, J.D. Granger.

Also in the TRWD Annual Report's recreational wonders section there is no mention made of Panther Ice, the being the ice rink that shows up for a few weeks in winter in the Coyote Drive-In complex.

There is no mention in the TRWD Annual Report of the lawsuit the TRWD lost, and spent millions losing, in a goofy attempt to take water from Oklahoma.

What you will read in the TRWD Annual Report is a lot of puffed up propaganda and self-serving spin.

And where in the TRWD Annual Report were the details of the board's proudest moment of 2014, that being the censuring of Mary Kelleher?

One would have thought there would have been at least one photo of the army of protesters who attended that censure meeting, in support of Mary Kelleher, both inside the meeting room, and outside, because that one meeting pretty much defined what is wrong with the current majority of the TRWD board....

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