Saturday, April 11, 2015

Tandy Hill Hiking With Wildflowers Texting Germans & Bacon Hotdogs

Even though a downpour poured down a large volume of water this past Thursday at my location on the planet, I thought, despite thunderstorms being forecast, that today would be a mighty fine time to go do some hill hiking on the Tandy Hills prior to doing some treasure hunting at Town Talk.

Thursday's rain turned out to have had no muddying effect on the Tandy Hills, which resulted in the desired mighty fine hike.

Today the hills were much greener than two Saturdays ago, greener and the hills were alive with the blooming of color. One example of which you can see below.

It is always baffling to me how few locals take advantage of the Tandy Hills for some much needed nature communing on a day as nice as today.

I did come upon two women hiking. The first one was dressed colorfully, topped with a bonnet which was not blue. The second one was texting on her phone as she hiked. I howdied her and told her it was against the law to text while you hiked.

The texting woman acted panicky when I advised her regarding the texting/hiking law, apologizing for her lawbreaking in a thick German accent. I quickly tried to explain that I was joking. I hope I did not cause any sort of international incident.

I forgot to make mention of the Hoodoos, above. That collection of artistically sculpted Hoodoos was located at Hoodoo Central at the north end of the View Street trail.

On the top of Mount Tandy I came upon the beautiful, big, purple wildflower you see below.

This wildflower looked like a flower one might see being grown along with the tulips in the flower fields in my old home zone of the Skagit Valley in Washington.

Town Talk was uneventful today. I got a bag of carrots, some honey lemon yogurt, swiss cheese, a bag of whole grain bagels and bacon hotdogs. Bacon hotdogs may turn out to be problematic, but when I saw them I was hungry and the concept sounded good.

I will soon know if the bacon hotdog concept turns out to be good in reality, because they are on the lunch menu.

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