Thursday, April 30, 2015

Shocked To Learn Marty Is Not TRWD Incumbent Leonard's Real Name

No, that is not a photo from 60 years ago of former Fort Worth Beauty Queen, Marty Leonard, you are looking at here.

That is a young Norma Jean Baker, before she changed her name to Marilyn Monroe.

Yesterday, in a shocking expose laden TRWD board incumbent poster of propaganda voters were shocked to learn that TRWD board opponent, Michele Von Luckner used her pre-married name of Michele Hojnacki on her Drivers License and Voters Registration.

How outrageously corrupt to use ones maiden name after one gets married to someone with a different last name.

Later in the day, yesterday, hours after I was shocked to learn that Michele Von Luckner had a different last name before she got married, I was further shocked to learn that the aforementioned TRWD board member currently running for re-election, Marty Leonard, has a different name on her birth certificate.

Martha Leonard.

How are we to trust anything this Leonard person tells us if she is so deceptive that she would change her first name from Martha to Marty. What is Ms. Leonard trying to hide with this name change?

As I thought about the shocking expose of Michele Von Luckner's and Marty Leonard's dual identities I thought of some other nefarious political figures who changed their names for questionable reasons.

Ulysses S. Grant was born Hiram Ulysses Grant, but changed his name when he joined the army. Why? To sound real patriotic, anticipating a run for the presidency a few decades in the future? Or just an honest mistake? With his new initials of U.S. Grant, some of his army buddies even took to calling Grant "Uncle Sam".  This scandalous name change really should have disqualified Grant from being a Union General, let alone president.

A few years after President Grant we had President Woodrow Wilson. Only that was not his real name. He was born Thomas Woodrow Wilson. What was Wilson trying to hide with this name change?

Then during the Roaring 20's Calvin Coolidge became president upon the death of Warren G. Harding. Calvin Coolidge's real name was John Calvin Coolidge. How do all these wanton name changers manage to get  into high office?

After Calvin Coolidge America went half a century without having a president who changed his name. And then, due to the bad behavior of Richard Nixon, Leslie Lynch King became president, without getting elected. Never heard of President King? Well, that is because you knew him as President Gerald Rudolph Ford.

A few years after President King we had our most recent presidential name changer, Bill Clinton, who was born William Jefferson Blythe III.

So, now that we have had time to think about it, Michele Von Luckner and Marty Leonard are in some pretty good company in the name changing department.

What I am wondering about now is what geniuses in the TRWD incumbent's campaign came up with this type "expose" nonsense?

Whoever it is, I think the highly ethical, morally upright Jim Lane and Marty Leonard should fire them, that is, if they actually are highly ethically and morally upright.....


Anonymous said...

What I am wondering about now is what geniuses in the TRWD incumbent's campaign came up with this type "expose" nonsense?

It's probably one of the advertising pukes who work for Bryan Eppstein (The Eppstein Group).

Now watch this drive.

Anonymous said...

Marty was also once married and then reverted to her more recognizable maiden name.