Monday, April 6, 2015

Nephew Jason Asks Why Unlike Jesus I Did Not Rise On Easter Sunday

For the first time in several decades.

Well, years.

I went a day, that being yesterday, Easter Sunday, without blogging on my Durango Texas blog. Or any other of my myriad collection of blogs.

By the time mid afternoon arrives on any given day if I have not done my regular blog spewage I get text messages or phone calls asking me if all is okay in Durango World.

But to go absent for an entire day, well, this was basically unprecedented, resulting in messages such as that which you see here from Spencer Jack's dad, my favorite nephew, Jason, inquiring as to my failure to arise.


There was more than one reason for my Sunday blog retreat.

Probably the number one reason is that Easter is a particularly traumatic holiday for me.

Years ago, back when I was around 12, maybe 13, at Sunday School, I had all sorts of abuse heaped upon my young, innocent, naive self when I asked, in my bum puzzlement, what was up with the whole Easter thing. I could not understand why it was a big deal that Jesus died, when a short time later he becomes un-dead, walking amongst the living. So, where was the sacrifice, I asked? He did not die. He lived. And how does believing in that somehow absolve us earthly sinners of our sins? And thus give us ever lasting life, just as it gave Jesus, who was not actually human, but was the Son of God?

And why in the world would any kind hearted God send his one and only Son to Hell on Earth where he eventually ends up nailed to a cross? Where he dies. And then comes back to life. To eventually ascend to Heaven to join his Dad? So that the few people who witnessed this would pass on this tale to others, so that they might also believe in this miraculous resurrection of the Son of God and thus be absolved of their Earthly sins?

As a young kid none of this made any sense to me and seemed just, well, totally ridiculous.

And now, all these decades later, I still yearly relive that Easter trauma of long ago, of being called a heathen, a sinner, a bad boy for doubting the Word of God.

That Word of God concept got me in even more trouble, when I asked how men on earth could possibly know the words of some heavenly God?

This all continues to perplex me to this day, but I have come to terms with it as just one more thing about the world that I basically do not understand.


The main reason I did not get around to blogging yesterday was I had finally reached, I think, the culmination of an aggravation that has been vexing me for several months, with that aggravation being making the hundreds of webpages on my Eyes on Texas website sufficiently mobile device friendly to make Google happy enough not to cause me grief on April 20 when Google's new mobile website rules apparently, maybe, go active.

In the past three months I have pretty much totally re-built around 400 webpages. This has gone through so many iterations that I have lost track of all the changes made, and mistakes found that needed fixing.

The final, well, I hope final, fix, is a piece of code that seems to have turned what had been hundreds of webpages getting a failing grade and red-flagged, to hundreds of webpages getting a high passing grade and green-flagged.

Whether any of this will do any good in the long run remains to be seen, but, as with all things, time will tell....

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Alma's Chihuahua Ranch said...

I, too, wondered those same things at your young age. No one has ever been able to answer me. I guess, that along with the talking snake, Noah's Ark, Immaculate Conception, and Rising from the Grave (Easter) have caused me to move on to other sources of spiritual "satisfaction". Add to that wondering why when it was the snake who tempted Eve, did
God only exile Adam and Eve and let the snake stay? I have developed the strength to be able to shake off the teachings of my childhood and dare to believe differently. I feel free-er. I feel braver enough to keep asking questions. And it is good.