Friday, April 17, 2015

My Favorite Nephews Are Looking Forward To A Sunny Weekend With Their Replacement Aunts

Incoming email from one of my favorite nephews this morning.

No subject in email subject line.

Text in body of email----

One of our replacement aunts took this pic of Mount Rainier today inbound from Arizona to the Great PNW. Looking forward to this sunny weekend.

The sunny weekend to which the favorite nephew refers is this weekend's Pacific Northwest weather forecast of clear skies, with temperatures in the low 70s.

Temperatures in the low 70s are pretty much considered to be a major heat wave in the PNW. I did not think that odd til I moved to Texas and got myself acclimated to temperatures above 100, with temperatures in the 70s feeling cold.

Below is a screen cap of the temperature weather bragging said nephew shared on Facebook.

After I saw said nephew shared the the above temperature information I commented with the current temperature/weather info for my location...

Reading said nephew's temperature info on Facebook prompted his mother to tell us that she can't take this heat anymore, so she is having air conditioning installed.

I did not share with my PNW relatives the fact that at our current temperatures in the 70s we open our windows in Texas and enjoy the natural air conditioning. At those temperatures the PNW is experiencing, in the 60s, many of us at my current location fire up our heating systems.

As for that view from Aunt Chris' window seat, that sure is nothing like what one sees when one flies into D/FW International Airport. I remember one time flying out of Sea-Tac on my way back to Texas with the pilot telling us if we looked out the right side of the plane we would see Mount St. Helens doing some steamy hiccuping.

It always causes me to have a strange feeling of contented happiness when I fly north and reach the part of the journey where I look out and see the Cascade Mountains and their sea of peaks far into the distance, with a volcano popping up here and there.

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