Wednesday, April 1, 2015

J.D Granger Resigning From Trinity River Vision Is No April Fool's Day Hoax

This morning of the first day of April, about the same time the sun arrived, there was a loud thunder boom followed quickly by a downpour which poured down for a very short duration.

Whilst the downpour was pouring down I thought I would likely bail on the morning swim routine, what with it not being all that much fun to swim dodging big raindrops and lightning bolts.

However, by the time I was ready to get wet nothing was dripping or zapping from the sky, so I was able to have myself a mighty fine time getting some much needed endorphins in that turquoise oasis you see here under a stormy looking sky.

Prior to getting wet I got an email from Spencer Jack's dad, subject line: Seattle Space Needle Collapsed!!!!

The email included a small black and white photo of what I guess was supposed to look like a collapsed Space Needle.

I Googled "Space Needle Collapse" to learn that today is the 25th Anniversary of the infamous Space Needle Collapsed April Fool's Day Hoax.

I was living only a few, well, 55, miles north of the Space Needle at that point in time. I remember no April Fool's Day Space Needle Collapsed Hoax a quarter century ago.

A few minutes after seeing Spencer Jack's dad's email I was in the pool where it occurred to me that it might be amusing to make up an April Fool's Day Hoax.

By the time I got back to my computer I'd decided not to do any April Fool's Day Hoaxing.

The hoax scenarios I was considering were Trinity River Vision Boondoggle related.

One hoax scenario had J.D. Granger resigning as Executive Director of The Boondoggle, with a J.D. Granger quote along the line of  "I simply could not continue with this charade any longer. Having to sell the ridiculous idea that it makes sense to take four years to build three little bridges over dry land. Worrying that if those bridges get built, then what? There is no money to build the flood diversion channel under the bridges. When I got this job I was so naive that I did not realize I got the job so as to motivate my mom to secure federal money for the project. When the reason I got the job became clear to me it was very humiliating, and continues to be humiliating. I have been in over my head from the start. I think that fact has become abundantly clear to those who have watched this project flounder. I want to apologize to the people of Fort Worth and say I am sincerely sorry for my part in this charade."

The other hoax scenario was to be a Fort Worth Star-Telegram editorial citing all the reasons it is time to pull the plug on the Trinity River Vision before it does any more damage to Fort Worth.

Anyway, Happy April Fool's Day, everyone. I hope no one fools you today....

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