Saturday, April 11, 2015

Is Fort Worth Weekly Suggesting Mary Kelleher Symbolically Scoops Corruption Sludge From The Trinity River?

With this week's Fort Worth Weekly I had not previously paid any attention to the artwork on this week's cover, what with my attention drawn to the TRWD typo and the article which the cover artwork apparently represents.

It was not til this morning I looked down to see Fort Worth Weekly laying on the floor to find myself wondering what is that cover artwork supposed to be telling us?

Is that redhead at the lower right supposed to be Tarrant Regional Water District board member, Mary Kelleher?

With Mary Kelleher scooping some symbolic sludge corruption from the polluted Trinity River while bundles of dollars are flushed down the river?

Or is that supposed to be a redheaded J.D. Granger scooping a handful of gold, for his personal use, from the polluted Trinity, while taxpayer dollars are flushed down the river, eventually floating under the Trinity River Vision Boondoggle's three little bridges currently being constructed to connect to an imaginary island in four years?

Anyone else wondering what this Fort Worth Weekly cover is trying to tell us?

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