Sunday, April 12, 2015

Flood Of Conflict Of Vested Interest Dollars Pollute TRWD Incumbents Lane & Leonard's Re-Election Scheme

I saw that which you see here on Facebook this morning. It came to Facebook from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram via an article about the over half million dollars the TRWD board incumbents have collected from those with a vested interest in making sure the incumbents get re-elected and thus keep that TRWD money flowing to those with the vested interests who are financing the Lane/Leonard campaigns.

The link to the Star-Telegram's TRWD board race brings in big money from big names article seems to be working, allowing you to read all about the "big money" being funneled to the TRWD incumbents, with some of that money coming from evil Dallas, but not that evil Dallas businessman, Monty Bennett.

One of the evil Dallas businessmen funneling funds to Lane and Leonard has the familiar last name of Perot.

Why is it okay in the TRWD apologist's shady eyes for Ross Perot Jr. to donate money to support TRWD candidates, without Perot being accused of trying to take over the board, or making the donation so as to continue currying favor with the TRWD? What is Perot's vested interest?

The over half million dollars funneled to the campaigns of Jim Lane and Marty Leonard dwarf the dollars that Monty Bennett has donated to the worthy cause of electing Craig Bickley and Michele Von Luckner.

Below are some voter's comments from the Facebook TRWD Big Money posting....


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