Friday, April 24, 2015

Battening Down My North Texas Hatches Before Incoming Weather Drama

I acquired the North Texas storm forecast you see screen capped here via Facebook this morning from my favorite North Texas Meteorologist, John Basham.

The forecast for tomorrow's Tandy Hills Prairie Fest is for a cloud free sky with no tornado, strong winds, lightning, downpour or hail threat.

The same can not be said for the hours leading up to tomorrow's Prairie Fest. I suspect today's and tonight's storming may wreak havoc with getting the Prairie Fest assembled.

Below is the John Basham Facebook forecast in its entirety....

METEOROLOGIST NOTES - 300AM FRIDAY APRIL 24, 2015 - If you live in North Texas YOU MUST pay attention to the weather later this afternoon and this evening. Not only is there a potential for extremely large hail, but the potential exists for a few devastating Tornadoes across North Central Texas and the Dalls/Fort Worth Metroplex. Devastating Tornadoes are defined as Tornadoes with an Enhanced Fujita Scale of EF2 or greater. That would mean Tornadoes with winds of 111mph to over 200mph. While we must wait to see what early morning storms leave us in the way of surface boundaries and what kind of afternoon heating is in place before we know for sure our total risk. With all available data we have right now we need to issue an alert as early as possible for preparedness. We'll be issuing forecasts throughout the day today and updates as needed. Official forecasts are available from the National Weather Service or Storm Prediction Center websites. For rapid alerts and warnings a battery operated NOAA Weather Radio is your most reliable source for real-time warning information. THIS IS NOT AN NWS PRODUCT. Meteorologist John Austin Basham Storm Spotter

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