Friday, April 17, 2015

Apparently Marty Leonard Never Worked A Hard Day In Her Life Til She Got Caught In The TRWD Scandal

That gray haired grandma-like looking person you see here, the one in the middle, not the one on the left, is Marty Leonard.

Grandma Leonard is surrounded by protesters protesting last year's TRWD board censure meeting censuring Mary Kelleher.

That TRWD Mary Kelleher censuring meeting went all sorts of sideways on the TRWD board members, other than Mary.

That meeting ended up with the TRWD board seeming to be the thing in need of being censured.

In much of the public's eye.

And seen as a triumph for Mary Kelleher, in much of that same public's eye. What with the TRWD board members, other than Mary, seeming to be a group of doddering nincompoops on a twisted misguided witch hunt.

Two of those seemingly doddering nincompoops are wanting to be re-elected to the TRWD board. I have no idea why. Are they gluttons for publicly disgracing themselves?

I particularly don't understand why Marty Leonard wants to be part of the TRWD debacle. I would think she would choose to bow out gracefully and be done with the whole mess, riding off into the sunset on her golf cart to have herself a mighty fine time in the many years she has left to enjoy this planet.

A day or two ago someone named Anonymous made an interesting blog comment regarding Marty Leonard which also made me wonder why Miss Leonard continues to willingly participate in the TRWD mess....

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "The Complex Imaginary Dallas Plot To Take Control Of Fort Worth & Tarrant County": 

Is Marty Leonard the owner of the golf courses being referred to?

Marty Leonard and her sister own a 9 hole golf course located in Tolar Texas. The course was her father's private playground.

Marty also owns a golf driving range in far west Fort Worth.

Marty grew up at Rivercrest, Colonial and Shady Oaks Country Clubs. 

Marty's father Marvin Leonard started Colonial & Shady Oaks while Marty founded a driving range. The driving range does have a pitch & putt feature however. 

Why is Marty frequently photographed wearing blue chambray work shirts? She's never known a hard day of work in her life which is very typical of the Fort Worth Way types.


semi-retired Citizen said...

I just about put my back out trying to circumnavigate that 3rd paragraph. It might be helped by a couple semi-colons or... some periods.
Otherwise, a lively and funny piece on TRWD shenanigans.

Durango said...

Semi-retired Citizen, sorry about almost putting your back out. Thank you for your editing advice. I have long known I would greatly benefit from having someone edit what which my fingers type, what with my tendency to write run-on sentences which become a puzzle to navigate, even to me, when I read them later, well after I have forgotten what it was I was trying to say.

I just realized the above is yet one more run-on sentence. I may not be able to be helped....