Monday, April 13, 2015

Apparently Away From The Camera's Eye Kay Granger Makes Her Mark While Scaring Texans

What does "Makes her Mark" mean?

Like what a dog does to a fire hydrant?

Elsie Hotpepper sent me the link to the article where I learned the startling news that Fort Worth's Congresswoman, also known as the Queen of Nespot, Kay Granger, makes her mark only when the documenting lens of a recording camera is not aimed at her marking antics.

The title of this puff piece, I mean, article is Outside the Camera Frame, Granger Makes Her Mark.

The first four paragraphs of the puff piece, I mean article, are amusing....

Rep. Kay Granger doesn’t suffer fools.

The Texas Republican has a story about a lawmaker who admitted he hadn’t read a bill he was trying to amend; She told him he had “no business being in Congress.”

Nor does she hesitate to tell any of her more bombastic male colleagues in the Lone Star State delegation when they’re “misbehaving.”

“I’m very plainspoken,” she said. “I don’t mince words. … If you talk to Texans, they’ll always say, ‘I’m scared to death of Kay Granger.’”

Kay Granger doesn't suffer fools?

A large body of evidence would suggest otherwise.

Wasn't Kay Granger caught on camera suffering the fools who used a TNT explosion to mark the start of building the Trinity River Vision Boondoggle's three little bridges being built over nothing to nowhere?

Didn't Kay Granger, at that momentous event, get recorded saying that Fort Worth's slow motion water project was the biggest urban water project currently underway in North America?

When it is not.

When there are other urban water related projects underway in North America which are public works projects voted on by the public, fully funded, being built on a schedule with results to be seen. While little is to be seen of The Boondoggle's boondoggle after well over a decade of slowly boondoggling along.

Kay Granger doesn't suffer fools? She seems to suffer fools quite easily. And also willingly participate in the fool's foolishness.

My goodness, Kay Granger told a colleague he had no business being in Congress. What perplexes me is what is wrong with Fort Worth's voters that in the last election they did not let Kay Granger know she does not belong in Congress?

Kay Granger does not hesitate to tell any of her male colleagues that they are misbehaving? Very maternalistic of Kay. One can not help but wonder if that same motherly type admonishing is directed at her grown sons when they misbehave?

Kay thinks if you talk to Texans they will tell you they are scared to death of her?


I have not been in the Lone Star state long enough to qualify as a Texan, but, I have talked to many Texans and have never heard any Texan say they are scared of Kay Granger.

I have heard more than one Texan say they find Kay Granger scary.

Thinking someone is scary is different than being scared of someone.....

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Anonymous said...

Fluff piece author...
Emma Dumain?
Not a joke name?
Is her middle initial N?