Saturday, April 18, 2015

Another Comment From A TRWD Propaganda Shill With A Pathological Liar Feel To It

Earlier this month I blogged about A Comment From A TRWD Progaganda Shill Has Me Feeling Chesapeake Energy Deja Vu.

The referenced comment was made on  a blogging from way back in February.

Something seemed fake about that comment, like it was the work of the propaganda team trying to re-elect the TRWD hacks who call themselves Jim Lane and Marty Leonard.

Well, now another comment has arrived to the same February blog post, and this comment also seems fake and the work of the TRWD propagandists. First the comment and then we will see what I have to say about it...

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Tarrant Regional Water District Corruption: The Website":

I hope the other candidates are better than Mrs Michele Von Luckner and Mr Craig Bickley. Just to give you a little background...I have tried to cut back on the flood of telemarketing calls I have been getting, I have signed up on every "do not call" list there is (Local, State and National). But guess what happened today? Yep, Mr Bickley and Mrs Von Luckner are using telemarketers to bother people at home. Apparently, they feel their need to get people to vote for them is more important than my wish for a quiet night at home. When I contacted Mrs Von Luckner she seemed to think it was my fault and that she had no idea who in her campaign could be hiring the telemarketers or how they got my number. I asked for the person in her campaign who was in charge of the telemarketing and either she didn't know who that person was, or choose to lie and say she didn't know. I don't know who the incumbents or other candidates are in this election, but considering the tactics these two wish to employ against the voters of this area, my vote will be for anyone but them.

This comment maker is Anonymous, yet leaves a supposed email address?

So, we are to believe this person has been bombarded by telemarketing calls. And claims not to know who the incumbents are. Or who the candidates are.


Somehow this person knows how to spell the names of Craig Bickley and Michele Von Luckner?

Including knowing that Ms. Von Luckner spells her first name with only one 'l'?

Grumpy Anonymous somehow found Michele Von Luckner's phone number and called her? Only to be treated rudely by Ms. Von Luckner? Who claimed not to know who was in charge of her telemarketing? And then suggests Ms. Von Luckner is a liar?

Well, someone in this scenario is a liar and it ain't Michele Von Luckner.

Years ago I knew a humongous pathological liar whose lies usually contained at least one fatal mistake that made it obvious she was once again making something up.

This comment from Grumpy Anonymous has that same feel to it.

I think it is a bit obvious that this comment came from somewhere in the TRWD incumbent's campaign operation.

I think it is also a bit obvious that it is more than a little stupid to be making this type comment on my blog. And then to make a follow up comment to the same old blog post is even stupider........

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