Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A Long Walk To Albertsons Under An Ominous Sky Thinking About Prairie Fest Chicks

Today as I hiked up the hill that leads to my neighborhood Albertsons, as you can see, I was walking under a very ominous looking sky.

In the photo I am looking east towards Dallas, about to turn south onto the Albertsons parking lot.

One of Fort Worth's lonely little public transit buses waits at the Albertsons bus stop, hoping to pick up a passenger.

The Fort Worth bus is that little white thing on the right side of the road in the mid-distance.

The forecast today is for some raining and thunder booming. With louder booming and more rain on the menu for tomorrow and Thursday. By Saturday, that being the day of the 10th annual Tandy Hills Prairie Fest, blue sky is scheduled to return with no thunder booming on the current horizon.

I do not know how I am going to work in both the Prairie Fest and my regularly scheduled Town Talk treasure hunt on Saturday. I'll likely figure it out.

I heard from a fairly reliable source that Mary, who has a little farm, will be at the Prairie Fest towing a wagon full of chicks. I am fairly certain these chicks are of the baby poultry type, not the performs nightly at Baby Dolls type chicks.

But, I won't know for sure til I eye witness the Prairie Fest chicks on Saturday...

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