Sunday, March 1, 2015

Weather Related Visual Humble Bragging From Oregon's Cannon Beach

Continuing with today's theme of weather related humble bragging. That which you see above comes via a web insta-cam from my Scott cousin, currently residing in Cannon Beach, Oregon. Which would seem to make that Cannon Beach you are looking at above, which would make that the Pacific Ocean on the left.

After seeing the above picture I Facebook commented that, "This Oregon Coast photo is causing me Ocean Envy. I think I have only seen the ocean once this century. Way back in 2004. At Ocean Shores....."

The above scene  is quite dramatically different than the scene I am looking at from  my computer room window, where remnants of snow and ice remain under a cloudy gray sky, with no ocean for hundreds of miles.

I was fairly certain I was looking at Cannon Beach in the picture, but to confirm that such was the case I inquired of my Scott cousin if that was the Cannon Beach rock. My Scott cousin then informed me that that rock is Haystack Rock, of which there are many on the Oregon Coast. So, I am a little confused. Is the name of this formation Haystack Rock? Or are all such geological formations known as haystack rocks?

What I do know for certain is the Texas tamale known as Elsie Hotpepper visited Cannon Beach a couple years ago and came away from that visit obsessed with Cannon Beach's Haystack Rock, with that rock seeming to follow Elsie Hotpepper all over Texas and beyond.

I believe Elsie Hotpepper is planning a pilgrimage back to Haystack Rock this coming summer. I hope Elsie takes me with her so I can visit my Scott cousin at his Cannon Beach location....

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