Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Texas Deep Freeze Prompts Weather Related Humble Bragging From Washington

Incoming email from Spencer Jack's dad this morning.

Subject line: Pics from the Banana Belt.

I referenced my old home zone, the Skagit Valley, as being Western Washington's Banana Belt very recently, as in, maybe yesterday.

The text accompanying the pics----

Beautiful day in the PNW. Snapped some photos en route to work this morning after hearing national radio syndicated reports of the Dallas Snow/Ice storms causing havoc.

I have been enduring a lot of weather related humble bragging from my old home zone during this Arctic period of extreme winter in North Texas, something that only rarely happens in the moderate climate  of my old home zone, where the temperature is moderated by this massive body of water known as the Pacific Ocean, that is, until an Arctic Blast decides to come south from Canada via the Fraser River Valley, bringing a chill to the Puget Sound lowlands.

Three samples of weather related humble bragging from Washington from the past 24 hours...

First, from Betty Jo Bouvier, also known as the Wild Woman of Woolley, as in Sedro-Woolley, a town in the Skagit Valley....

D, sorry it is so cold and snowy there. It is lovely here, mowed the lawn already in February.

And then this from Miss Chris, from the south of Seattle suburb named Kent...

Spring day in Washington today. A bit on the chilly side, but when the sun and Mount Rainier come out - it's a great day!

Finally, from Aunt Alice, also known as Tootsie Tonasket, weather related humble bragging from Eastern Washington...

Sunshine here nephew with a side of wind. May get to 50'ish. Sorry you have to suffer with snow, ice, brrrr cold. Poor baby.

Regarding the weather related humble bragging from Miss Chris, at my current location no matter how brightly the sun comes out I can see no mountain no matter in what direction I look.

One of the charms of Western Washington is the scenic wonder that happens after endless days of gray and rain, when the sky clears and the mountains come out, topped, in winter, with the white of snow, with the air and sky having a sort of crystal clarity, which you can sort of see in Spencer Jack's dad's picture above.

Speaking of things I do not ever see in Texas. In that aforementioned picture, in addition to the beautiful clear blue sky there is also something in that picture I never see in Texas.

A casino.

The Swinomish Casino and Resort to be precise.

The Skagit Valley has two big casino resorts. Which have two of my all time favorite buffets, with the Swinomish Casino having my all time favorite seafood buffet.

With no catfish allowed....

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