Friday, March 6, 2015

The Return Of The Texas Sun Has Forced The Ice & Snow To Retreat

I was not long into my exile in Texas when I learned why Texans have a weather homily that goes something like "If you don't be liking the weather, just sit a short spell, cuz it'll be fixin' to change darn quick."

Or something like that.

The last 24 hours in Texas have been a prime example of that weather fixin' to change thing.

This first Friday of March view from Miss Puerto Rico's balcony shows a blue sky void of clouds with nary a spot of anything white or frozen, to be seen.

Yesterday noon this view was many shades of gray, with all ground surfaces covered in ice topped by snow. At my location it was around four inches of snow. Other locations had twice that amount.

Fellow exile from the Pacific Northwest, Steve A, escaped the D/FW zone before this latest Arctic Blast to return to his semi-tropical vacation home spot at Ocean Shores on the Washington Pacific Coast.

This morning Steve A indulged in some deserved humble bragging regarding his current weather situation...

Steve A has left a new comment on your post "Shivering One More Time Under A Blanket Of Texas Snow": 

OTOH, it is sunny again today in Ocean Shores. Lawn mowing soon...

Today was so much warmer than yesterday's bracing wind chill that I was out and about with no coat, just a t-shirt covering that which yesterday required multiple layers.

Is this Arctic weather madness done now? We are about a week from my regularly scheduled start of swimming season. Unless we get a heat wave soon, that ain't gonna happen. Then again, a heat wave would not shock  me....

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