Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Former Queen Of Assumption Miss Julie's Armadillos

This morning on Facebook (or was it last night?), Miss Julie, formerly known as the Queen of Assumption, shared a video of a pet armadillo having itself a mighty fine time being a playful housepet.

Miss Julie's armadillo video brought about an amusing series of comments about armadillos, including details from someone who had had personal experience with having a pet armadillo.

I was among those making a comment, with my comment mentioning a time I had myself an encounter with two packs of baby armadillos in Arlington's River Legacy Park

I was sure I could easily find the photo documentation of my encounter with the River Legacy armadillo babies. I recollect way back in 2005, at Lake Cushman on Hood Canal, in Washington, my dear Aunt Arlene asking if I had any armadillo pictures on the very laptop I am using right now. I recollect saying I did have armadillo pictures and proceeded to show my dear Aunt Arlene photos of the River Legacy Park baby armadillos.

I looked all through the Picassa album that tracks my photos, to no avail. Then I remembered that I likely used the River Legacy armadillo photos on my webpage about River Legacy Park. I looked there and quickly found a couple photos of the baby armadillos, including the one you see above.

Why have the armadillo pics disappeared from Picassa? This is not the first time I have had a disappeared picture mystery.

Anyway, below is the Queen of Assumption, I mean, Miss Julie's Facebook armadillo discussion, in part....

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  • Christy Sly Wow, it's just nice to see one that's alive and not smushed on the road or made into a purse.
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  • Cindy Hoffmeister We had an armadillo living in our house in Nebraska for 3-4 years when I was growing up. 
    His name was Hairy Bellyfonte but we called him Butch. He used a cat litter box, was very clean and ate earthworms and raw eggs with mayonnaise. 
    He was hysterical and great friends with our cats and Great Dane. 

    Thanks for bringing up the memories!
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  • Mel Tanner Yeah, they're awesome until they turn on you and rip your face off..... Just kidding.
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  • Julie Hall How great, Cindy Hoffmeister! I had never heard of such a thing! I'll never look at them merely as deaf, blind garden pests again. 
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  • Durango Jones You have never picked up an armadillo, Miss Julie? They are very cuddly and make a cute high pitched squeal of delight. I came upon two sets of armadillo babies, on one day, years ago, at Arlington's River Legacy Park. Both sets had four babies. I got down on the ground to take pictures and they came over to me, with their mama not seeming to mind. You must learn not to pre-judge the animal kingdom. Those armadillos you judged deaf, blind garden pests easily may have thought the same of you......
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  • Cindy Hoffmeister Butch was a rescue pet! A friend found him, as a baby, beside his dead mother on a Texas highway. She brought him back to Nebraska, knowing my mother would figure out how to take care of him. He slept under my dresser, constantly pulling any clothes I left on the floor (a lot) under to make his nest. We eventually gave him to the 
    Henry Dorley Zoo in Omaha.
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